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Colorful and Unique Candles - Enchanting Scents, Warm Colors, Good Wishes

Spiced Berry Scented Candles Spiced Berry Scented Candles
These candles will delight you with the scent of homegrown Heritage raspberries, mixed with select, sun-ripened red currants and perfectly spiced with pinches of hand-shaved nutmeg and aromatic whole clove. Sounds almost good enough to eat, doesn't it?

Purple Swirl Pillar Candles Purple Swirl Pillar Candles
The rough-hewn look of these picturesque pillar candles offer a pleasant, rustic accent to any decor. Fragrance free so that they don't conflict with mealtime aromas or your other, chosen scents.

Aromatherapy Scented Capilla Stems Aromatherapy Scented Capilla Stems
What a novel idea! These porous bamboo stems gradually absorb essential oil from the glass vase and fragrance fills the air. Capillas arrive with a set of ten stems, an 8 oz. glass vase, and a choice of three popular scents - Lavender Sage, Lemongrass or Ylang Ylang Neroli.

Green Tea Scented Candles Green Tea Scented Candles
The warming scent of organic green tea is spiced with just a touch of gingerroot to give these candles a clean, enlivening, modern fragrance.

Tuscan Orange Scented Candles Tuscan Orange Scented Candles
This exclusive blend of vegetable-based paraffin is saturated with essential oils, boldly influenced by Italian orange groves and tied together with sweet-orange neroli oil. An intoxicating olifactory experience!

Christmas Tree Scented Candles Christmas Tree Scented Candles
The crisp scents of pine needles, fir and spruce fill the air in all their wintry glory! These candles will surely inspire images of fond holiday memories.

Sconces, Bowls and Classic Candleholders
Enchanting Candle Gifts for All Occasions

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