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For the ultimate in soothing relaxation you need the appropriate sounds and scents. These aromatherapy products from Stress Less will calm you and the haunting resonance of chimes will transport you to another world.

Our Merchants
Rain Bell Chimes

Rain Bell Chimes
A longtime favorite at All Spirit Fitness, the rain bell chime box contains hand-cast temple bells and tiny steel beads that re-create the gentle cadence of falling rain chimes. Hand-assembled and hand-finished cabinet is made from non-endangered hardwood with a rosewood finish. 10 1/2"L x 6 1/2"W x 7"H.

Architectural Half Moon Diffuser

Architectural Half Moon Diffuser
This contemporary design is an elegant way to fill the room with the healing aroma of your favorite scented oil. Create serenity both visually and with aroma.

Tea Light Garden

Tea Light Garden
Here is a different touch - it's the pumice sand instead of the candles that bears an inviting fragrance! The exquisitely crafted candle-garden also contains decorative river rocks to secure the six black and white tea light candles.

Midnight Berry Terrazzo Pillars

Midnight Berry Terrazzo Pillars
These lightly-scented, extremely long-burning candles are also environmentally correct! They're made in the USA with recycled wax, which gives them a marbled appearance. Smokeless and dripless, these pillars are almost perfect!

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Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit
This book will teach you how to achieve profound spiritual and psychological benefits from essentials oils.
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Tranquility Chimes
Experience sound therapy with the soft, sweet, soothing rhythms of these enchanting chimes.
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Orion® Light & Sound
Connect the Orion to any music source and the microphone translates sound into ColorPulse signals - fosters advanced states of tranquility!
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Stress Less Portable Aromatherapy Fan Diffuser
Portable and battery-operated, this diffuser lets you bring soothing fragrances anywhere. Quiet and efficient.
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