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Do you want this Valentine's Day to be unique? Are you searching for a romantic gift that's out of the ordinary? We love gifts that honor both the heart and the spirit (not to mention the taste buds!) and we think your loved one will, too. Check out the Valentine's Day gifts below from our favored affiliate merchants. You're sure to find something different to make your Valentine's Day a standout.

Unique Valentine Gifts Unique Valentine Gifts
Looking for something really special? Here are Valentine's Day gifts that are truly original - and that won't break the bank! We've found enchanting, unusual Valentine gifts for those who search for romance off the beaten path. We've even got a couple of gifts for your dog and cat!

Valentine Jewelry Valentine Jewelry
Jewelry is a great, traditional gift for Valentine's Day. But why not get a bracelet, ring or necklace that really says something? Sure, you'll find lovely hearts and gems here, but these enticing pieces come from all over the world - definitely more special than you'd find at the local mall!

flowers for valentines day Flowers for Valentine's Day
Flowers for Valentine's Day are traditional gifts, so we decided to hunt out really eye-catching bouquets! Roses are wonderful - any flowers are, of course - but presentation is everything. These are Valentines Day flowers with imagination, for every budget, from conservative to extravagant.

sweet treats Sweet Treats
Yes, you can come up with something more delectable than a box of chocolates in a heart-shaped box! These sumptuous sweet treats will give your Valentine's Day a different flavor, and will be appreciated for days to come!

Valentine Bath and Spa Gifts Valentine Bath & Spa Gifts
Want to make your Valentine's Day gift one of indulgence? Here are refreshing bath and beauty gift ideas that'll pamper your loved one lavishly.

valentines gifts for him Valentine Gifts for Him
For the most part, guys are wired differently than women are when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. Flowers and chocolates are probably out. What's good? Check out our Valentine's Day Gift ideas for men! valentine

Organic Bouquet


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O'Gills, The best of everything Irish

Ross Simons Valentines Day

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