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Do you have friends or relatives who are intrigued by your fitness lifestyle? Whether it's Pilates, Yoga, aerobics or another mind-body exercise that has sparked their interest, give them the gift of good health with the following videos. There's a little something here for all ages and fitness levels.

Yoga Zone - Beginners Boxed Set

Yoga Zone: Beginners Boxed Set

Yoga Zone's beginners series is one of the most accessible ways to start practicing Yoga at home! Included in the set are Introduction to Yoga, Conditioning and Stress Release, Flexibility and Tone and Meditation. Add a mat, a strap and pull some blankets out of the closet and you're ready to go!

Fabulous Forever! Easy Aerobics for 40+

Have an over-40 friend who wants to get fit? This video from Mirabai Holland will get her off to a good start! It adds a mind-body element to aerobics and is not intimidating to the beginning exerciser.

Fabulous Forever! Easy Aerobics for 40 Plus

Baron Baptiste 4-Video Set

Baron Baptiste 4-Video Set

Know somebody who wants a new challenge in their Yoga practice? This 4-video set of Baron Baptiste's brand of power Yoga offers both intensity and release!

Stott Pilates: Essential Matwork

Moira Stott has created a series of excellent Pilates tapes. Her precise and straightforward approach to teaching will be appreciated by those who seriously want to learn Pilates.

Stott Pilates - Essential Matwork

Yoga After 55

Yoga After 55

Need a quick gift for an older family member? This seniors Yoga tape presents a gentle style that will help keep your favorite silver-haired relative mobile and feeling good.

Ecstatic Dance

Dance your connection to spirit and get a great workout with this 3-video series led by Gabrielle Roth, world authority on the ancient art of Ecstatic Dance. You're encouraged to improvise, to find your own voice. Tap into your power!

Ecstatic Dance Video

Yoga for the Kid in All of Us

Yoga for the Kid in All of Us

Want a fun way to introduce your kids - or your nieces or nephews - to Yoga? Give them this video from kid Yoga instructor Chaz Rough.

Hip Hop Animal Rock Workout

Here's a fun stocking stuffer for kids 5 and up - a children's aerobic video that teaches about endangered animals while getting the youngsters up and hopping. A good reason for your kids to be in front of the TV!

Hip Hop Animal Rock Workout

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Chi Video Set
Give the gift of energy with these gentle exercises that help circulate chi, or vital force. 3 videos.
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Kathy Smith: Timesaver Cardio Fat Burner
Know someone who's pressed for time? Kathy Smith breaks up her aerobics workout into doable, 20-minute chunks.
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YogaBreak® Interactive CD-ROM
Great office gift - Yoga stretches to practice at your desk, led by famed Yoga instructor Rodney Yee.
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