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If a home gym or cardio equipment is more than you are ready for, then there are lots of options for aerobic exercise and toning — simple equipment like steppers, Bodybars, light weights, and other newer, fun choices for home exercise. You can create an infinite amount of exercise routines with a few pieces of simple equipment and some exercise videos and DVDs. So if losing some fat and getting tone is your goal, then see what we have in store for you!

TransFIRMer from the Firm The All-New TransFIRMer System
If you liked the Firm's prior workouts, get ready to fall in love with this one! The new TransFirmer system can be set up 5 different ways for your ultimate fat-burning, body sculpting experience. You also get 5 fun new workouts so that your exercise program will seem anything but routine! We have always sworn by the Firm's highly effective systems, and this one has our highest endorsement.

step platform The Original Step
The Original Health Club Step has been around for years and it's still going strong! If you want a really enjoyable way to burn calories while giving your legs and butt a workout, this is it. You get a 4" high step platform and 4 2-inch support blocks - two for each side - and a workout video that shows you the basic moves. That way you can vary the height from 4 to 6 to 8 inches. You can even buy additional support blocks for a bigger challenge. The original step also doubles as a weight bench, so you can also use it for your toning exercises.

Reebok Step System Reebok Step System
Reebok has a slightly different take on the step. This version adjusts to 6-in, 8-in and 10-in heights, and you also get an instructional video. Reebok has been in the step game practically from the beginning too, so you know they've got a quality stepper.

the Ramp by Gin Miller The Ramp by Gin Miller
Gin Miller, one of America's top fitness experts and Reebok Master Trainer, has invented this fun new way to work out! It's a fat burning cardio workout that also tones and shapes your lower body. The incline is adjustable so you can vary your workout intensity and it's compact so you don't need a lot of space to get moving! You also get 3 Ramping workout DVDs, an abs workout and a Better Butt guide, all featuring Gin's great cueing and friendly persona. And you even get a 14-day eating plan so you can start dropping those unwanted pounds right away!

Reebok Core Board Reebok Core Board
The Reebok Core Board is a unique fitness device. It can be used to tone the upper or lower body while building core strength and balance at the same time. The Core Board's 3-dimensional movement gives you a full body workout like no other!

Body Dome Body Dome
Increase balance, core stability, agility, and muscle tone with the Body Dome! You can even do Yoga, Pilates and resistance training moves with it! With this set, you get the Body Dome, air pump and 3 workout videos.

Adjustable Ballet Barreicon Adjustable Ballet Barre
The barré is one of ballet's most effective tools for stretching the body and promoting flexibility. You've seen them in the Lotte Berk DVDs. Now you can have a free standing barré in your own home, courtesy of Gaiam!

Weighted Conditioning Bar Workout Kiticon Weighted Conditioning Bar Workout Kit
This 9-lb. bar can be used whole or separated into 3 3-lb. pieces to condition and tone specific muscle groups. Along with the versatile Conditioning Bar you get a 20-minute video featuring instruction by the always-excellent Madeleine Lewis.

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This mini-trampoline system is a low-impact, high-fun total body workout for all ages! You've seen it in the health clubs and on TV - now enjoy it at home!
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Exercise Balls
Call them what you want - stability balls, Swiss balls, fitness balls - Megafitness has the right ball for your toning and core workouts!
Click Here!

Bodylastics recreates the best health club exercises at just a fraction of the cost!
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Weighted Exercise Bars
These are the same weighted bars you've seen in aerobics classes! They're easy to handle and store, and are available from 4 pounds all the way up to 27 lbs!
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Aerobic Dumbbells
Get the perfect dumbbells for aerobic exercise and toning! Vinyl-coated, neoprene, easy to hold and available in 1-pound increments, from 1 to 12 pounds.
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All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weight — 20 lbs.
If you've read Miriam Austin's book, Strong Women Stay Young, these are the ankle weights she talks about! Add weights in 1-lb. increments up to 20 lbs!
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Balance Ball Resistance Kiticon
Bring new toning potential to your stability ball with this system of interconnected straps and resistance cords! Includes 30 minute video workout with Suzanne Deason.
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Aerobic & Toning Exercise DVDs & Videos!
Our fitness experts have reviewed hundreds of exercise DVDs and videos! All styles, from step aerobics to intense resistance workouts. Yoga and Pilates videos too!
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