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The spirit of gift giving becomes even more special with an environmentally friendly product. Environmentally conscious gifts say that you and the recipient respect the earth and are aware of your impact on it. A gift doesn't have to be overtly eco-friendly, either - a beautiful glass or stylish clock can be made of recycled materials and no one will ever know unless you say so! A number of the gift ideas below are also socially conscious - the work of artisans who are paid fair wages for their efforts (you can thank Novica for that!). We encourage you to consider the environmentally friendly products below when you are shopping for gifts, and please further explore our merchant affiliates who carry these items. You'll find many of these gifts come from Gaiam; the others are as noted.

Handblown Recycled Glass Hurricanesicon Handblown Recycled Glass Hurricanes
With recycled glass colored a gemlike amethyst hue, these hurricane vases make beautiful holders for candles or flowers. Crafted by Mexican glassblower Efren Canteras, they sit on completmentary hand-forged iron bases. Mr. Canteras is an artisan sustained by a company who pays artisans fair wages for their work.

Bamboo Cutting Board or Salad Bowlsicon Bamboo Cutting Board or Salad Bowls
Bamboo wins twice - it's an incredibly sustainable wood and it's a perfect wood for the kitchen because it is much harder than the rock maple you usually find used. (In fact, professional chefs prefer bamboo.) So your recipient will appreciate this gift both for its usefulness and its environmental friendliness!

Organic Cotton Terry Robeicon Organic Cotton Terry Robe
Gaiam's best-selling robe is a winner. Is it because it's made of 100% organically grown cotton terry? Or is it because of its wonderfully indulgent feel? We say it's both! Available in natural and low eco-impact-dyed sage.

Petalo Fountainicon Petalo Fountain
Graceful petals made from recycled copper are the highlights of this serene fountain. Time and oxygen will create a lovely patina, and the sound it creates will always soothe.

Soy Candlesicon Soy Candles
These lovely soy candles are 100% vegetable-based, so even your strict vegan friends will approve of this gift! And they look elegant enough for your classiest recipient. What's more, these candles are nontoxic, biodegradable and soot-free, and they have untreated cotton wicks. Four different shapes are available in a choice of two colors.

Panda White and Dark Swirl Chocolate from Endangered Species Panda White & Dark Swirl Chocolate from Endangered Species
Indulge in fine Belgian chocolate and raise awareness about endangered species at the same time! This company uses all natural ingredients, then uses their wrappers for environmental education. In addition they support a variety of organizations that help endangered species. In addition to the Panda selection, Endangered Species also has Polar Bear White Chocolate Macadamia, Orangutan Milk Chocolate Macadamia Coconut, and Sea Turtle, with Blueberries. (We found these delectable chocolates at, which has a great selection of natural products, from body and bath to pet care to food and gifts.)

Recycled Aluminum Golden Mean Wall Clock from Abundant Earth Recycled Aluminum "Golden Mean" Wall Clock from Abundant Earth
Who ever said that recycled had to mean funky? Made from recycled aluminum and with a French bronze patina, this clock will make a eco-friendly and stylish addition to anyone's home. The design is inspired by the mysterious mathematical principle. A great gift for anyone who loves clean looking design, whether they're environmentally aware or not. This clock comes from the Abundant Earth website - they specialize in eco-friendly products of all types.

Cobalt Flecks Pitcher and Glasses Cobalt Flecks Pitcher and Glasses
More beautiful handblown recycled glassware from the talented Efren Canteras. This speckled pitcher and glasses set is made for casual entertaining. A lovely gift for any time, but especially for a housewarming or as a wedding gift. They come from the Novica website.

Hemp Scarficon Hemp Scarf
This soft sage scarf is woven of 100% fine hemp yarn. It's warm and stylish, and hemp is one of the most eco-friendly fibers in existence. This highly attractive scarf will convince anyone on your gift list that hemp is the fiber of the future.

Stake Yard LED 3-Light Kiticon Stake Yard LED 3-Light Kit
These decorative creatures are pretty garden lights that don't use electricity - they're solar powered! The hummingbird, dragonfly and butterfly lights sit on 30" black plastic stakes are lit by an unobtrusive solar pod/battery pack on an 18" aluminum stake. A tiny color-changing LED lights up the bodies.

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