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Is it difficult for you to organize a workout routine? These kits make it easy for you. Aerobic and toning kits, from beginner's level to more challenging workouts, home or travel - there are exercise kits for every fitness situation!

Women's Lifeline Gym Women's Lifeline Gym from BodyTrends
Sculpt your whole body with just 2 lbs. of equipment! The Lifeline Resistance Cable is this kit's secret, and even Olympic and sports pros use it. Included are collapsible 30" lifting bar, jogging belt, 6' cable, door attachment and handles. You also get an instruction poster and video to help you discover the kit's infinite variety.

Core Training System by Gaiamicon Core Training System from Gaiam
Gaiam's Core Training System is one of the most comprehensive kits out there. You get 5 complete workout routines: Pilates-based, strength training, flexibility, balance and sculpting. The inflatible dome puts your stabilizers to work, which heightens the effectiveness of the workouts. Suzanne Deason leads you through the 5 10-minute workouts on DVD. Great for the time challenged!

Resistance Cord Workout Kiticon Resistance Cord Workout Kit
Because it has three different intensities of resistance cords, this kit grows with your fitness program. Whether you're at home or on the road, you can keep on sculpting. Gaiam's Resistance Cord Workout Kit includes three 4'-long latex cords, a pair of handles and a 40-minute guided workout DVD.

Balance Training System by Gaiamicon Balance Training System from Gaiam
Athletes have always known that balance training improves their performance and helps prevent injury. Now you can get the benefits of balance training with this high-quality board and customizable 25-minute workout that conditions your whole body. Even better, the DVD instructor is seven-time Iron Man triathlete Jonathan Roche!

Keeping Fit In Your 50sicon Keeping Fit In Your 50s from Gaiam
Think working out is just for youngsters? Wrong! It gets even more important when you hit your 50s. This 3-DVD set focuses on those living the better half of their lives and includes workouts on strength, Yoga and flexibility. There are also bonus features to help you make the most out of your fitness plan. There's also a props kit that is sold separately.icon

Abs Ball Kiticon Abs Ball Kit from Gaiam
Get your abs in shape with this exclusive kit from GAIAM. The easy-to-grip 8-lb. ball offers maximum sculpting. Seven-time Ironman® Triathlete Jonathan Roche inspires you through 2 12-minute ab workouts, beginning and advanced. A unique and effective way to shape your abs.

Core Training Systemicon Core Training System from Gaiam
You give 5 complete workout routines in just one kit! Everything is covered, from Pilates to stretching to strengthening to cardio to balance - here is a versatile set-up including a half-ball, foam-handled cords, and DVD of 5 10-minute workouts featuring renowned instructor Suzanne Deason.

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