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If you follow a fit lifestyle, you'll want to subscribe to some of the magazines below. There's something for everyone, from yoga enthusiasts to traditional cardio-and-weight training exercisers, to active outdoor fanatics. All subscriptions are offered at a significant discount compared to newsstand prices!

Check These Out
Backpacker Magazine Men's Fitness Fit Pregnancy
Here's your guide to the great outdoors! Whether you're hiking for a day or on a weeks-long excursion, Backpacker will help you gear up and prepare!
Guys, learn how to build the body you want! Men's Fitness is loaded with articles, tips and ideas on getting more muscle, more engergy and more out of life.
Stay fit during and after pregnancy - it's better for you and your baby! This award-winning magazine includes safe exercises, nutrition tips and lots more!
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Runner's World
Get the world's premier running magazine - find out about training and nutrition, what shoes to buy, and discover some of the best locales for running!

Our Merchants
Fitness magazine Fitness
The magazine devoted to your total well-being - mind, body and spirit. With expert advice on fitness, beauty, relationships, health, diet and nutrition.

Yoga Journal Yoga Journal
Stretch your body, mind and soul with Yoga Journal - your guide to healthful living, spiritual searching and, most of all, a great yoga practice.

Shape Magazine Shape
No matter what shape you're in, Shape will help you reach your goals and stay there. But there's more - Shape also helps you shape your life and gives you the real life tools you need to enjoy glowing health and vitality.

Self Magazine Self
The magazine for women who care about mind and body. Improve yourself through exercise, healthy living and loving, and getting involved in life!

Fit Yoga Fit Yoga
You'll find Yoga and a whole lot more inside Fit Yoga. Tai Chi, Pilates and other alternative health and fitness trends are explored in depth. Get fit. Be happy. Glow inside and out.

Muscle & Fitness Muscle & Fitness
The original, mostly-guy version of the mag. Muscle & Fitness includes expert advice for men - and, yes, women - of all levels of fitness. In every issue: weight training routines that work for you, nutritional strategies and diet plans to maximize your energy and much more!
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Muscle & Fitness Hers
If you're serious about getting in shape - but you want to enjoy getting there too - you'll find great exercises, recipes and expert tips here!

If you love outdoor activities, you'll love Outside! It's devoted to travel, fitness, all kinds of outdoor gear and sports.

Bicycling Magazine
Road riding, mountain biking, long-distance racing, fitness riding - whatever turns you on about two wheels, Bicycling covers it!

Yoga International
Yoga International is a great source of authentic information on the practice and philosophy of yoga for beginners and experts alike.

Scuba Diving Magazine
A great diving vacation takes preparation, and Scuba Diving magazine can help you every step of the way.

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