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Hemp products are more durable and ecologically friendly than their cotton and wood counterparts. You can find just about anything, from clothing to rugs, facial creme and even soap made from hemp. And incidentally, the hemp plant used for fiber is not the same marijuana plant used to get high - hemp is perfectly legal to buy and use (and it won't get you stoned). Show you care about the earth - buy hemp.

Check These Out
Women's Hemp Pants by Stoneware Designs Dark Chocolate Coated Hempzels Men's Hemp Rider Jacket
A loose fit and low placement on the waist makes these pants as stylish as they are comfy!
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These gourmet hemp pretzels are coated in decadent dark chocolate - they're irresistable!
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This classic western rider jacket is made from pure hemp. It's got a masculine look and it's as tough as its style.
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Yoga Mat Bag
This popular style is called "the Classic," and it's made in India of hemp fabric. Drawstring closure, two extra zipper pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap.
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Our Merchants
hemp rugs Hemp Rugs
These 100% organic hemp rugs feel much better under your bare feet than do sisal or jute. They're also mildew resistant and, since they're twice as strong as cotton, you can bet they're durable!

Womens Hemp-Blend Jacket Women's Hemp-Blend Jacket
This luxuriously textured jacket comes from the Himalayas. The blend of linen-like hemp and silky yak hair make this women's jacket a joy to touch - like cashmere, only with a strength undreamed of in cashmere. Fully lined, sizes 6-20. Trousers with the same extravagant feel are available in women's sizes 12 and up.

Hemp Cotton Knit Shirt Men's Hemp Cotton Knit Shirt
Because hemp fibers are some of the longest natural fibers on earth, its fabric is as breathable as linen and 26 times stronger than cotton. Isn't that something you'd like to have in a shirt? And its good looks make this men's hemp cotton knit shirt a real winner!

Womens Merrell Primo Hemp Women's Merrell Primo Hemp
With a natural woven hemp upper and breathable air mesh lining, this Italian designed slide is as comfortable as it is good-looking. The Merrell Primo Hemp also comes in men's sizes.

Abundant Earth - All-Purpose Hemp Shoulder Bag All-Purpose Hemp Shoulder Bag
This handsome, 100% waterproofe hemp fiber shoulder bag will carry everything you need - it has loads of pockets and has that famous hemp durability. It'll withstand machine washing while retaining its good looks and the strength you depend on.

Goats Milk Hemp Gift Seticon Goats Milk Hemp Gift Set
This delightful gift set includes a goat's milk hemp bar, vanilla candle and a hemp fabric washcloth, tied together with an earthy hemp rope in a pretty package.

Hemp Plus Creme Hemp Plus Creme
From Jason Natural Cosmetics, this moisture balancing creme is naturally enriched with Essential Fatty Acids. It's rich, yet quickly absorbed and leaves no oily residue - perfect for all skin types.

Hempies from Gaiamicon Hempies
Hempies are the world's original rope animals. Made by Thai weavers, they will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. As exotic decor or a fun toy for children (over the age of four only, please), Hempies are quite unique!

Cote Bastide - Wrapped Hemp Soap Côté Bastide - Wrapped Hemp Soap
This French-milled, 100% vegetable-based scented soap comes wrapped in hemp fabric and makes a thoughtful, anytime gift. Hemp seeds are added for gentle exfoliation.
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Naked Hemp Oil Creme
Extra-rich moisturizing creme, containing hemp oil with important EFA's and GLA. From Sun Dog.
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Hemp Shower Curtainicon
Hemp makes the perfect shower curtain material because hemp fibers absorb moisture up to 20% of their weight, dry very quickly, and are stronger wet than dry.
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Hemp Garden Glovesicon
These hemp garden gloves insulate and protect better than cotton or synthetics, and last far longer.
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Hemp Enriched Shampoo
This botanical forumula enriches and nourishes your hair. The hemp seed oil adds the EFAs. Get the matching conditioner too!
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