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If you're really into fitness, home gyms may be the way to go. With a home gym you can have a health club type workout any time you want. They don't have to cost an arm and a leg, either (you'll need those for your workout) — there are cheap home gyms that are quite effective. Of course, if you want a home gym with the kind of details you'd find in commercial gym equipment, then you'll have to pay a bit more! Below you'll find a selection of home gyms you can compare for price and features. You'll find additional home gyms at Mega Fitness, Big Fitness and BodyTrends.

Body Solid Iron Flex Gym Body Solid Iron Flex Gym
The Iron Flex Home Gym fits into limited space yet offers unlimited exercise versatility. It takes up only 14 square feet of floor space and is only 4 feet tall, yet it will enable you to perform 100 different exercises! A truly powerful small home gym!

Body Solid EXM-1500S Home Gym Body Solid EXM-1500S Home Gym
Heavyweight training at a lightweight price! The EXM-1500S Home Gym is centered on a 160 lb. weight stack, adjustable in 10 lb. increments, stacked neatly without plates and bars scattered about. You get over 30 training exercises in one workstation!

IMPEX Circuit 5 Corner Home Gym IMPEX Circuit 5 Corner Home Gym
The Circuit 5 Corner Gym features all the popular health club workout stations in one compact machine that fits neatly in the corner, instead of taking up the center of the room like so many other home gyms. The user friendly precision design is as functional as it is simple, and it comes with a host of included accessories.

Mega Smith System Mega Smith System
Experience the feel of free weights with the safety of a Smith machine! The new Mega Smith System is one of the safest self-spotting home gyms on the market. It's loaded with attachments and you can perform at least 20 exercises for full-body coverage.

Mega Multi Gym 4 Station with Leg Press Machine Mega Multi Gym 4 Station with Leg Press Machine
Designed and manufactured to last a lifetime, this Mega Multi Home Gym incorporates the best features of a health club into one complete, convenient, affordable package. Includes long lat bar, short straight bar, ab crunch harness, single cable harness; PEC station is fully adjustable; low row pulley swivels for ease of use... and so much more! Check it out!

Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym
Get serious with your home gym workout and get serious results when you use the Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym. The Workbench series is engineered for those who are determined to get the shape and cut they want.

Powertec Shape System Cable Crossover Powertec Shape System Cable Crossover
You know how versatile and effective cable crossover machines are from your workouts at the health club. Now have a cable crossover in your own home! The Powertec Shape System Cable Crossover is even better than a basic cable crossover because of its multiple pulley adjustment system, which allows numerous height positions for all types of angles and exercises to be performed.

Body Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym Body Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym
If maximum strength and a weight room full of workout options is what you want in a minimum amount of space, then this powerful home gym is the one for you. The Leg Press/ Calf Press Station operates on a 2 to 1 weight ratio giving the Body Solid EXM3000LPS the awesome capacity of a 420 Lb. leg press! And that's just the beginning of what this home gym can do for you!

Star Trac Thruster Total Body Conditioning System Home Gym Star Trac Thruster Total Body Conditioning System Home Gym
Get a circuit-style strength workout from the Star Trac Thruster Home Gym. It utilizes all of your major muscle groups without cables, pulleys or weights. Thruster provides a fast, efficient strength workout on a single machine that is simple and easy for the beginner and can challenge the most experienced exerciser. If you're a trainer with a varied clientele, you'll love this home gym! It's non-threatening for your seniors, yet gives a challenge to the big guys. A high quality home gym that's worth its price tag and then some!

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BandFlex Home Gym
Get all the benefits of a full-body strength training workout in a home gym that's less than a third of what the Bowflex costs!
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Gyrotonic Transformer 1000
Don't let the fancy name fool you — this is a very reasonably-priced home gym that allows you to perform over 150 body-sculpting exercises! And it's got sports-specific attachments!
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Lower Body & Leg Machines
From Butt-Blasters to Hip and Leg Sleds, find the lower body and leg machines that will give you definition! From Big Fitness.
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Weight Benches
Weight benches have infinite possibilities — here is a selection that will add new versatility to your workouts!
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Dumbbells & Dumbell Sets
Add some dumbbells to your home gym. Big Fitness has a huge selection — chrome dumbbels, hex dumbbells, dumbell sets and more!
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Barbells & Weight Sets
Bigfitness also has a great selection of weight sets and barbell sets — check them out!
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Linex VKR Power Tower X615
Do pull ups, triceps dips, thigh exercises and more on this versatile piece of equipment — way better than a mere captain's chair! Another reason you don't need a gym membership!
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Fitness Charts
Just like the exercise charts you've seen at the health clubs! They show you exercises for your abs, legs, chest, shoulders and more!
Click Here!

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