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Want a gift with a touch of whimsy (or just flat-out silly)? These gift ideas reflect your irreverent attitude and flights of fancy. Sometimes gift giving is best when it's light-hearted, and who doesn't love a gift that makes them smile? We've culled some of the most unique gifts from Flax Art's fun online catalog, and you'll find some other amusing gifts and oddities sprinkled in these novelty gift suggestions too. Most of these gift ideas are inexpensive, but you'll find a few splurges in the bunch!

Handmade Brushes, Mirrors and Stands Handmade Brushes, Mirrors and Stands
A brush and mirror set can be the most boring gift on earth... or it can be one of the most unique if you choose these sets created by Israeli artists Iris and Anat. Fashioned from layers of recycled paper and given a resilient waterproof finish, these brush and mirror people have their own wooden stands. Your choice of 6 different characters, and each one comes with its own bio.

Message Bracelets Message Bracelets
Here's a personalized gift that's really special - a leather or mesh bracelet with an envelope enclosing your own message! The envelope is stainless steel with sterling silver and either cubic zircona or 14K gold accents. Each one comes with two messages, one reading "XOXO" and the other with your own small message, up to 20 characters. There's even room for a tiny photo or two!

Soap Gems Soap Gems
These decorate soaps look like beautiful crystals, but are made from unique blends of whole herb extracts, vitamins, and minerals from aquatic, botanical, and terrestrial sources. They're biodegradable, very mild, and come in assortments of five. These soaps really are gems!

Slippers for Princesses and Queens Slippers for Princesses and Queens
These handmade slippers are fit for royalty... or for your favorite recipient! Made of silk and/ or plush velveteen with non-slippery suede soles and foam cushion insoles, they are as comfortable as they are opulent! Sizes to fit both children and women.

Mini Clock Pets Mini Clock Pets
These little (2-1/2"x2"x1-1/2") clocks are perfect trinkets for the cat or dog lovers in your life! Their bodies are made of a retractable metal spring that's perfect for holding cards, notes or photos.

Nemo Whisks Nemo Whisks
Whimsy and functionality, all in a squid-shaped whisk! The hard resin handles and stainless steel coiled wires are durable, so you'll have these conversation pieces for a long time to come.

1940ss Era Jukebox 1940's Era Jukebox
The look is vintage but the sound is as modern as your CD collection! This solid wood table top cabinet has a front-loading CD player so you can see the spinning disc in the lighted chamber. Behind the song chart is the tuning dial for the AM/ FM radio. Fun decor for the music lovers in your life!

Henna Tattoo Set Henna Tattoo Set
Do you know someone with an artistic flair? They should try their hand at Mehndi, the ancient art of temporary body painting with henna. This kit comes with everything needed - henna powder, solutions, applicators, eucalyptus oil, reusable stencils, design and instruction sheets. There's also a book available, Techniques and History of Mehndi, that you may want to add on.

Butterfly and Dragonfly Line Lights Butterfly and Dragonfly Line Lights
These fiber optic light strands are weather resistant so they can go indoors and out. Your choice of stylized butterflies (shown) or dragonflies - either way, you get ten winged, lighted creatures per strand. 17 feet long, they're pretty party decor.

Game Pens Game Pens
These vintage games from the 1960s are still around, and you can have them on these ballpoint pens! Set one (shown) includes pens with Operation (needs 2 AA batteries), Boggle and Etch-A-Sketch. Set two includes even more classic games - Scrabble, Dominoes and Backgammon. These pens are loads of fun and nostalgia!

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