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There are a variety of Pilates machines and accessories, some developed by Joseph H. Pilates himself and some that were created by other Pilates instructors. Here you'll find all kinds of Pilates equipment that will enhance the great, muscle-lengthening and limbering workouts you get from your Pilates practice, along with a selection of Pilates books, DVDs and videos for all levels of Pilates enthusiasts.

Pilates for Beginners Kiticon Pilates for Beginners Kit
Here's everything the Pilates beginner needs, even those whose fitness level really needs help. This kit comes with the essential 144-page book Pilates Basics, a complete Pilates props system (resistance band, seat riser, belly cushion and neck cushion) to make Pilates mat work doable for nearly everyone and, of course, the 45-minute DVD, Pilates for Beginners with Jillian Hessel. Click here for the Introduction to Pilates kit, which has a slightly different approach. icon

Pilates Basics Kiticon Pilates Basics Kit
Let this multimedia set be your guide to the basics of Pilates. Included are the book Pilates Basics, DVD Pilates for Beginners and CD Ten Minutes to Relax: Body.

Premium Pilates Maticon Premium Pilates Mat
If you've practiced both Pilates and Yoga on the same mat, you've probably realized that you want something a little thicker for the Pilates mat exercises. This premium Pilates mat from Gaiam is double-cushioned with a beveled edge design that stays put during the most vigorous Pilates workouts. It comes in basic black or a nice rosewood shade.

Pilates Toning Systemicon Pilates Toning System
Get in shape the Pilates way with the Pilates Toning System. You get Gaiam's exclusive cushioned Pilates BodyCircles™ and 3 BodyBands, plus DVD workouts for both tools. It's a full-body sculpting system in a very simple package!

Pilates Barrelicon Pilates Barrel
The Pilates Barrel is a replica of original Pilates studio equipment. You'll really target core muscle groups, add challenge to your mat workout and open your back to more flexibility and enhanced posture. Comes with an instructional video that includes exercises for beginning to advanced Pilates enthusiasts.

Pilates Wunda Chairicon Pilates Wunda Chair
The Pilates Wunda Chair is a studio-quality machine designed for more advanced students - stabilize and position the body for a wide range of specific Pilates exercises using lunges, dips, deep stretching and resistance training. It's very sturdy, with a padded seat and footbar, and has 3 levels of resistance. Instructional video included.

Aero Pilates Reformericon Aero Pilates Reformer
This personal Pilates Reformer is very high quality. Heavy-duty cords afford four levels of resistance to vary your program and keep stepping up results, while adjustable height lets you elevate the angle for more advanced exercises. You'll be able to do 32 Pilates resistance moves in greater comfort and with better form, alignment and control. Comes with 2 guided Reformer workouts on VHS (DVDs available but sold separately).

Aero Pilates with Cardio Jump Board Aero Pilates with Cardio Jump Board
Kick your Pilates workout up a notch with the addition of the Cardio Jump Board to the Aero Pilates machine! The rebounding jump board helps to give you a great cardio workout as well as a killer abdominal workout at the same time. You get two workouts with one machine!

Pilates Box and Pole by Stamina Pilates Box & Pole by Stamina
Add a new dimension to your Pilates routine by using these accessories. The padded Pilates box allows you to involve more complex combinations of muscles, bringing greater flexibility and range of motion, while the extendible Pilates Pole assists in standing exercises, allowing you to concentrate on single-leg exercises without loss of balance. The set comes with a detailed workout video.

Total Pilates Workout System Total Pilates Workout System
The Total Workout System by Peak Body Systems is a very high-end piece of equipment that combines a half-Cadillac with the Deluxe Classic Reformer. You get amazing details - solid premium oak hardwood frame, ultra-glide carriage tracking system, chromed steel pole system, hardwood push-through and roll-down bars and much, much more. This machine is top of the line, for those who teach in their home, or who highly prize their Pilates lifestyle. Each one is made to order.

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Pilates Books & DVDs:
Pilates Body in Motionby Alycea Ungaro

A Pilates' Primer : The Millennium Edition by Joseph H. Pilates et al

The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler

Pilates for Pregnancy by Michael King & Yolande Green

Pilates for Wimps by Jennifer Deluca

Winsor Pilates DVDs & Videos

Pilates DVDs from Moira Stott-Merrithew

Fit Chic: Fashion Your Body with Pilates DVD

Pilates in Pregnancy DVD

Postnatal Pilates DVD

Breakthru - Pilates Sculpt DVD

Classical Pilates Technique: The Complete Magic Circle Mat Series DVD

Kathy Smith - Ultimate Pilates (Abs / Lower Body) DVD

Power Pilates - Beginner Workout DVD

Pilates Abs Workout DVD

Pilates Intermediate Workout DVD

Crunch - Pick Your Spot Pilates DVD

Crunch - Burn & Firm Pilates DVD

Pilates Kits:
Home Pilates Studio Solution

Pilates Magic Circle Workout Solution

Pilates BodyCircles™ Kit icon

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