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Plus Size Swimwear - The Impact of the Halter on 2005 Swimwear Trends

by Susan Barone

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Susan Barone, president and founder of Always For Me, is constantly on the lookout for new trends and the latest fashions in plus size apparel. Ms. Barone is one of the most active ladies in the plus apparel business, so we're happy to present her report on swimwear for this upcoming season - and you'll discover some fantastic new pllus swim wear styles!

This year was one of THE BEST years in the plus size swimwear market EVER!! I feel like the manufacturers are really starting to listen to the wants and needs of the curvy customer. After spending two weeks going from vendor to vendor, I just continued to get more and more excited. There was so much "newness" in the market; I almost did not know where to begin. So, I started with our Swimwear Survey, customer e-mails, and what sold the best for us last year. That way I would buy what YOU want.

Across the board, there are tons more "young looking" silhouettes from all the plus size swim wear vendors. One significant trend is the "Halterkini". The halter top was one of our best items last year. We actually made the Halterkini in the Uniquely Me Designs Label. Based on our blow out selling, I kept begging our current vendors to PLEASE add halters to their collections for 2005. Well, I am happy to say that almost every vendor we work with added halters. What is awesome, is that there are all different types of halters.

The Christina Plus Size Swimwear Collection added a variety of Halterkini style swimsuits. One of the early best sellers is from a group called Napolitaine. This sexy v-neck halter is paired with a brief style bottom with a moderate cut leg. We are carrying this style, SWCHAN52720, in both of the "ice cream colors" of tones of pink and tones of turquoise. They also offered a Halter Skirtini in their group called Riviera. I love this Halter Skirtini, style SWCHBQ53820, because the skirt is solid and the top is a print. The Riviera Print is very new and fresh looking. It is offered in a yellow and turquoise combination, with the skirt being turquoise. And, it comes in a tonal pink combination with the skirt being a dark pink. Christina Swimwear Collection also offered a halter swimdress and halter one piece suits, which we will be getting a little later in the season.

The Robby Len/ Longitude Swimwear Collection also picked up on the halter trend. In fact, this collection made on of the biggest strides in offering more young looking swimwear silhouettes and young looking prints. The first thing they did was take their notable Mandarin Print and put it in a very hot halter silhouette. These are the prints that Robby Len/Longitude Swimwear Collection is known for. This one piece halter style SWRL17130, has a full power net feature through out the front of the garment. There is a tie at the neck so it will fit each and every one of you perfectly. The floral print is accented with metallic gold trim around the flowers. In addition, it comes with soft bra cups for a smooth look, and just the right support. In fact, they loved this new silhouette so much that they also offered it in a very hip young polka dot in pink with black dots. This style, SWRL17141, is absolutely adorable. Both halter styles have the solid colored bottom with the print on the bodice for a very slenderizing look. From their "Twist and Shout" group, they offered an even more updated version of a halter suit. They took an awesome bandeau one piece bathing suit in black and added a stunning "X" detail at the waistline of the swim suit. Then, they have a detachable strap at the neckline. You can either wear this suit as a halter, or just wear it as a bandeau swimsuit. Either way, style SWRL17103 is VERY SEXY!!!

It Figures Swimwear Collection also stepped out of the comfort zone and went after the halter silhouettes. I was so excited to see that they took their number one tankini style and updated it to a halter silhouette. Those of you that are die hard It Figures Fans know which suit I am talking about. It is the solid skirted tankini with the slenderizing color block striping down the sides. We have sold tons of these suits and now we get to offer it to you in a SEXY Halterkini version of their best seller. You will not be disappointed in style SWIF3502002; it still has all the quality features of an It Figures swimsuit. Although it is a halter, you still have tummy control, soft bra cups and sewn hem detail. Later in the season, you will also see a two piece Halterkini with a brief bottom and a very new and hot halter in a floral one piece.

And, believe it or not, even the Miraclesuit Swimwear Collection added a halter one piece. This new style is actually a later delivery. But in the meantime, you can take advantage of other fabulous Miraclesuit styles that we have in stock.

The Speedo Swimwear Collection did not have any halters this year. BUT, they have great new young updated basics - that everyone loves!!

There is so much more to tell you about Swimwear 2005. But the Halter is the biggest new trend that I wanted to let you know about. Stay tuned and I will continue to share all the exciting new trend information on plus size swimwear over the next few months. In the meantime, enjoy what we have available so far.

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