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Just because you're on the road, it doesn't mean you have to leave your workout at home! Bring along portable exercise equipment and stay on track! There are many ways to get a travel workout, as you can see below, and as many different travel exercise styles as there are travelers. So if you need travel exercise equipmment you've come to the right place!

6-Piece Walking Kit 6-Piece Walking Kit
Get the most out of your walking workout with this exercise kit from Bodytrends! Includes a pair of handweights, a clip-on pedometer, a radio-CD clip that's got a reflective strip for your evening or early morning walks, a 12-oz. sports water bottle and a Healthy Lifestyles Fitness Guide that's packed with advice and tips!

Resistance Cord Workout Kit by Gaiamicon Resistance Cord Workout Kit by Gaiam
Gaiam's kit features three different resistance cords to fit your fitness level and the intensity at which you want to work out. Included is a 40-minute DVD that demonstrates how to use your cords to boost your metabolism and heart rate while sculpting a great body.

Men's Lifeline Tote Gym Men's Lifeline Tote Gym
It's only two pounds to carry, but it'll give your muscles the power workout they want! The secret is the Lifeline Resistance Cable, which has dynamic variable resistance that instantly adjusts from three to 350 pounds of resistance. You get the cable unit with door attachment, an aerobic training belt, and an instructional poster and video to show you how it works. Stay fit on the road with the least amount of hassle!

Aquabells Dumbells Aquabells Dumbells
Who said you couldn't take dumbbells on the road! The Aquabells weigh only 24 oz. when packed in your suitcase, but fill the chambers with water and you have a pair of dumbbells with a total weight of up to 32 pounds! They're made of durable, high tech polymers for years of service, and when filled with air can also be used as a resistance tool in a swimming pool. There are also AquaBell Ankle Weights.

Pedal Exercisericon Pedal Exerciser
The Pedal Exerciser makes it possible for you to get a cardio workout anywhere, anytime — no matter the weather! You can even exercise your arms and upper body by placing it on a table. The lightest weight cardio available!

power push up 2 Power Push Up 2
You can even get a serious chest workout when you're far away from your health club with the Power Push Up 2. These resistance cables really are packed with power! In addition to added resistance push ups you can also add power to dips, rear deltoid flyes, lunges and more. Comes with an instructional manual and video by fitness expert Jon Hinds.

Michael Sena Traveling Trainer Michael Sena's Traveling Trainer
This versatile, health club quality resistance tube system comes in three levels. Includes three exercise tubes, a revolutionary door anchor, exercise video, exercise instructional guide, diner's guide, personal training workout program and a carry case — it's one of the most comprehensive exercise tube sets around!

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Power Jump Rope
This is a great jump rope — it's built for maximum speed and control. Comes with a free illustrated book by rope expert Bobby Hinds
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Exercise Videos & DVDs
Take a workout with you on video or DVD! Browse through our own reviews - we've got hundreds!
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