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Because we care about the earth - it's the only home we have - you'll find many eco-friendly products sprinkled throughout our Boutique. But we thought you'd like to be able to have an area that features our most environmentally conscious merchants. We've highlighted some of these companies' best products - check out what great things you can get, from bath and beauty to decor to gardening, and still have a clear conscience!

ChocoLatte Tub and Tea for Two ChocoLatte Tub & Tea for Two
Garden Botanika specializes in making botanically-based beauty products that are cruelty free and gentle to the environment. But that doesn't mean they don't know how to indulge! Take this gift package for example - you get their skin-softening bath melt in ChocoLatte, two specially-designed cups and a sample tin of spicy-sweet Serendipitea ChocolaTea, all in a signature gift box.

Order the ChocoLatte Tub & Tea for Two from Garden Botanika

A Rose is a Rose Volumizing Lip Shine Palette from Garden Botanika A Rose is a Rose Volumizing Lip Shine Palette
Garden Botanika's volumizing Lip Shines encourage natural collagen production for fuller lips with fewer lines and furrows. And because you want to be good to the earth, you are already quite kissable! The compact has 3 ultra-shiny shades, each one the equivalent to a full lipstick.

Order A Rose is a Rose Volumizing Lip Shine Palette from Garden Botanika

Water-Powered Clock and Calculator from Gaiamicon Water-Powered Clock and Calculator
No batteries, not even solar power - these LCD clocks and calculators run on water! A technologically advanced fuel cell process harnesses the energy of water molecules for a pollution-free current. These earth-friendly devices will run up to two months on just a couple little reservoirs that can be filled from your tap.

Order the Water-Powered Clock and Calculator from Gaiam

Potting Bench from Gaiamicon Potting Bench from Gaiam
Get friendly with the earth in your own yard - or get friendly with your neighbors! This potting bench is a convenient height for either ergonomic potting or as an outdoor bar. No matter how you use it, it's made from eucalyptus, a fast-growing hardwood derived from carefully managed forests. The potting bench arrives on your doorstep unfinished so you can stain it as you please, or choose a clear coat to highlight its natural radience.

Order This Potting Bench from Gaiam

Recycled Aluminum Large Frog Hose Holder Recycled Aluminum Large Frog Hose Holder
We can think of few things more boring than hose holders, so when we saw one that 1) had loads of personality and style and 2) was made from recycled aluminum, we were more than a little excited! This is a hose holder that actually looks better as it ages. In fact, to get it off to a good start, you get a choice of finish: verdigris, rust or weathered limestone. When was the last time a hose holder added beauty to your home?

Order the Recycled Aluminum Large Frog Hose Holder from Abundant Earth

Recycled Plastic Lumber Adirondack Chair Recycled Plastic Lumber Adirondack Chair
We thought that maybe you would picture a recycled plastic chair as something rather hideous-looking. That's why we wanted to show a picture of it. As you can see, it's a really nice piece of outdoor furniture. And it's more durable than wood could ever hope to be and it comes in a variety of backyard-friendly colors. Plus it's maintenance free, and although it's pricier than wood furniture, it's less expensive in the long run because this chair will never wear out (in fact, it's got a warranty!). How come it's so long-lasting? It's made from milk jugs and plastic scrap. Those things would last forever in your local landfill - isn't it nicer to have them made into long-lasting yard furniture?

Order the Recycled Plastic Lumber Adirondack Chair from Abundant Earth

Chocolate Condor Egg Chocolate Condor Egg
The condor is a rare success story - once only 25 existed and they were on their way to extinction. Because of conservation efforts, over 250 are now in existence! The Oregon Zoo is just one of 3 U.S. zoos that are part of the California Condor Recovery Program. When you buy this charming, foil-wrapped milk chocolate condor egg - which contains a cute, milk chocolate condor chick - Norm Thomson will donate $5 to the Oregon Zoo's condor conservation program!

Order Chocolate Condor Eggs from Norm Thompson

Batik Wall Hanging - Teamwork by Alexander Nyankson Batik Wall Hanging - Teamwork by Alexander Nyankson
Novica works with artisans all over the world, and you'll find many unique art pieces, jewelry, accessories, home decor and rugs. Novica's spirit is global, and many of their items are made using earthy, eco-friendly techniques. This one-of-a-kind batik by Ghanaian artist Alexander Nyankson speaks of world peace and harmony, and is a work you'll be proud to display in your home.

Order Teamwork from Novica

Floral Chic Natural Fabric Handbag Floral Chic Natural Fabric Handbag
Balinese artist Ketut Wida Haryati weaves beautiful handbags from weaves the piece by hand from locally found ate grass, and their beauty is so stunning that a Japanese tourist once offered 2 million rupiahs for one of them! We're not sure how much that is in U.S. dollars, but the price on the Novica website sounds a lot more reasonable.

Order the Floral Chic Natural Fabric Handbag from Novica

Sunflower Seed Birdhouseicon Sunflower Seed Birdhouse
The birds that visit your yard will think they died and went to heaven when they land on this completely edible bird house! Made of of Indian corn, millet and moss and a seed-rich sunflower to welcome your feathered friends, this is garden decor that's a real gift to some of the earth's most delicate creatures.

Order the Sunflower Seed Birdhouse from Gaiam

Attack Squad Beneficial Insects Attack Squad Beneficial Insects
With their light green bodies and gossamer wings, lacewings are pretty little insects. Who would have thought that they are also one of the best beneficial creatures you could have in your yard? Their hungry larvae can't get enough of aphids, mealybugs, immature scales and whiteflies, thrips, spider mites and more - in other words, all the bad bugs you don't want in your garden. Trichogrammas aren't as cute, but their larvae chow down the eggs of cabbageworm, tomato hornworm, corn earworm, codling moth, cutworm, armyworm, webworm, cabbage looper and corn borer as if they're caviar! Gardens Alive will send you 3 biweekly shipments of Lacewings and Trichogrammas to keep the pests out of your garden - a much better solution than poisonous pesticides that are bad for you and the environment!

Order these Attack Squad Beneficial Insects from Gardens Alive!

World's Best Cat Litter World's Best Cat Litter
Did you know that clay cat litter is bad for both the environment and your pet? Why use that stuff anyway when you have the World's Best Cat Litter? It's made of good, old-fashioned, whole kernel corn and contains no additives, clay, chemicals, perfumes or anything else harmful. It clumps and is flushable and has natural odor absorption. The Extra Strength version (shown) is great for multi-cat households, and even though it's more expensive than clay, it'll last a lot longer too. Our cats have been using it for years, so we can enthusiastically endorse it!

Order the World's Best Cat Litter from the Only Natural Pet Store

Humane Live Mouse Traps Humane Live Mouse Traps
When we discovered that our garage was housing a colony of mice, we were at a loss about what to do. Poisonous, environmentally dangerous pesticides were out. Traditional traps were cruel. We were hoping a cat would wander by and take up residence so we didn't have to deal with the little creatures, but our dog kept them away. Then we found this trap and thought it was a great idea! It's a novel and humane way of catching the mice, and then you can take them a couple miles away and let them go. Perhaps not everyone is as softhearted as we are, but we think this is a much kinder way to cope with unwanted rodent visitors.

Order Humane Live Mouse Traps from Abundant Earth

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