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If you're really into fitness, home gyms may be the way to go. With a home gym you can have a health club type workout any time you want. They don't have to cost an arm and a leg, either (you'll need those for your workout) — there are cheap home gyms that are quite effective. Of course, if you want a home gym with the kind of details you'd find in commercial gym equipment, then you'll have to pay a bit more! Below you'll find a selection of home gyms you can compare for price and features. You'll find additional home gyms at Mega Fitness, Big Fitness and BodyTrends.

Total Body Stretch Workout Kit by Gaiamicon Total Body Stretch Workout Kit by Gaiam
Learn the stretching techniques developed by certified fitness instructor Madeleine Lewis to more effectively restore range of motion, ease tense muscles and reduce risk of injury. Includes video, Stretch & Balance tool and double-handled stretch strap.

Stretch and Strengthen Kit Stretch & Strengthen Kit
Work wonders with your flexibility and strength with the mat, fitness ball and workbooks that make up this kit! Great for anyone who is new to the stability ball, even those who have experience in other exercise styles.

Sport Stretch Rope Sport Stretch Rope
Do you know about Active Isolated Stretching? If you don't, you might want to read Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method, because this is one of the most effective stretching techniques ever created! This rope and CD-Rom combo gets you started with AIS, and you will love the results you get. Good news for Mac owners - the CD-Rom works on your computer too!

ProStretch Bilateral & Video ProStretch Bilateral & Video
The ProStretch is a unique performance enhancement tool that increases leg flexibility. Also assists in rehabilitation of most foot, ankle, lower leg and back injuries. The video shows you how to get the most out of the ProStretch. The Bilateral enables you to exercise both legs simultaneously; if you want to stretch one leg at a time, go for the ProStretch Unilateral.

MEGA Deluxe Closed Cell Foam Exercise Mat MEGA Deluxe Closed Cell Foam Exercise Mat
Stretch out on this exquisitely comfortable, extra-thick foam mat! It's waterproof and sanitary by not allowing the build-up of moisture or mildew, and it is 3/4" thick! This mat is worth its weight in gold. Available in a variety of cool colors, too.

Gaiam Inversion Tableicon Gaiam's Inversion Table
The Inversion Table by Gaiam decompress vertebrae and help counteract the effects of gravity, but it also does so much more! Inversion tables have been shown to enhance circulation and mental clarity and offer relief from headaches and fatigue. Folds for easy storage.

Back Waveicon Back Wave
Talk about passive stretching! Just relax over the Back Wave to safely realign the back and relieve lower back pain. The Back Wave uses natural traction to alleviate spine and nerve compression. It looks dreamy, doesn't it?

Precor Stretch Trainer Precor Stretch Trainer
If stretching and flexibility are extremely important to you, then you will want to have this very special piece of equipment. The Stretch Trainer is designed to hold your pelvis and knees in an optimal position to offer a wide variety of muscle-isolating stretches. So if you think the floor is for walking, not stretching, check out this find!

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StretchRITE Stretching Strap
Get a great stretch without a trainer's aid with this strap invented by exercise physiologist Scott Powers and used by the USA Track & Field National Team!
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Stretching by Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson is the premier writer about stretching, and this is his best-selling book! It's loaded with stretches and stretch routines for everyone!
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AM/PM Stretch for Health
Here are two stretching routines from Madeline Lewis on a DVD by Gaiam. One session wakes up your body and the other relaxes. Very beneficial!
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The Wharton's Stretch Book
Want more about Active Isolated Stretching? Here is another excellent book! In fact, you can also read our review to see what we thought!
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The Method: Dynamic Firming &: Flexing
There are three mind-body stretching routines on this DVD from The Method. You can do one or all of them. Either way yo'll feel refreshed and more flexible!
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Stretching Do's and Dont's Chart
There's a right and a wrong way to stretch - this laminated fitness poster shows you the right way!
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Weight Training Flexibility Chart
Always stretch after you weight train! Here is a laminated chart that shows you the most important weight training stretches.
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