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Tai Chi is a form of exercise that anyone can do at any age, and it will create balance and strength in body and mind. Qi Gong is especially healing, and has been used to enhance well-being in those with various forms of ailments. These gentle exercises from China are forms of meditation in motion, and their effect on the mind is as profound as their effect on the body. They are surprisingly powerful when it comes to maintaining health for a lifetime.

Qigong - Traditional Chinese Exercises Videoicon Qigong - Traditional Chinese Exercises Video
Ken Cohen teaches you how to harness the power of qi (energy) to heal body and mind in this 90-minute gentle workout video. You will learn the basics of the ancient practice of Qi Gong, along with a routine that can be practiced anytime.

Qigong for Energy Videoicon Qigong for Energy Video
Qi-Gong master Garri Garripoli traveled to China to seek out the masters of this form, and you'll find his wisdom in this beautiful video, which shows you Qi Gong fundamentals and meditations. Learn what Qi - the energy of the universe - can do for you!

T'ai Chi for Seniors Bookicon T'ai Chi for Seniors Book
T'ai Chi can give back seniors flexibility and strength while creating an inner peace they may never have experienced before. This 216 page softcover book by Philip Bonifonte offers complete illustrated instructions for exercises that can be done standing or seated to stimulate energy flow and promote fluidity, agility and longer life.

Tao Shoesicon Tao Shoes
If you prefer not to practice barefoot, the Tao shoes will offer you a little extra sense of balance. They're lightweight, cotton-lined black canvas with durable cotton soles and flexible flat soles and are wearable by both men and women.

Tao Pants with calligraphyicon Tao Pants with Calligraphy
The roomy Tao Pants offer incredible freedom of movement and the calligraphy offer casual style. They're made of 100% cotton with an elastic drawstring waist and tapered leg. Appropriate for both men and women.

 Serenity Qigong Serenity Qigong
Famed Qigong expert John DuCane shows you how to absorb qi from the universe for self-healing, extend your qi beyond your own body, develop balanced leg strength and heal your lungs with this instructional guide to the Crane Frolic series of Qigong. Available in either DVD or video.

Vitality Qigong Vitality Qigong
Flood your system with warming qi, quickly improve your muscle tone and develop strong, mobile joints with the help of the Monkey and Deer frolics from Qigong expert John DuCane.

John Du Cane - Qigong Recharge John Du Cane's Qigong Recharge
This program will have you feeling great! Recharge your energy, relieve stress, improve your endurance and flexibility, and add flow to your life - these are just some of the benefits you can receive from a daily Qigong practice. John DuCane's manual and DVD will show you how. You can get the manual and DVD separately or - recommended! - you can buy both.

T'ai Chi For Beginners DVDicon T'ai Chi For Beginners DVD
This beginners' T'ai Chi DVD has three sessions - "A.M. Chi" helps you begin your day focused and alert; "Energy Chi" helps keep energy levels up all day and strengthen your immune system; and "P.M. Chi" releases stress at the end of the day. Chi masters David-Dorian Ross and Carole McPhee are the instructors.

Qigong For Beginners DVDicon Qigong For Beginners DVD
This 2-DVD Qi Gong set is guided by master instructor Francesco Garipoli. The combination of movement and breathing exercises promotes health by stimulating energy flow. Bonus interview and documentary offer insightful history. You get 160 minutes total for just the price of one DVD!

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