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There are a variety of Pilates machines and accessories, some developed by Joseph H. Pilates himself and some that were created by other Pilates instructors. Here you'll find all kinds of Pilates equipment that will enhance the great, muscle-lengthening and limbering workouts you get from your Pilates practice, along with a selection of Pilates books, DVDs and videos for all levels of Pilates enthusiasts.

Yoga Blanketicon Yoga Blanket
Blankets can be used any number of different ways in Yoga. Roll them up for support, fold them up when you need extra padding, or lay underneath one during Shavasana. Gaiam's blanket is a soft 90% wool blend and comes in two colors - navy or purple. 80"L x 62"W.

Deluxe Wool Blanket Deluxe Wool Blanket
Wailana's wool blanket is just slightly larger at 80"L x 66"W, and comes in your choice of three colors - navy, purple and green.

Striped Mexican Blanket Striped Mexican Blanket
Want a blanket with a little more personality? These cotton/acrylic blend blankets from Wailana are striped and fringed. 80" x 60"

Blanket Bag Blanket Bag
Take your blanket - and your Yoga practice with you. The blanket bag has enough room for both a blanket and a mat. Trimmed attractively with a long zipper and comfortable shoulder strap.

Neck Pillowicon Neck Pillow
Buckwheat hulls fill these silk neck pillows so that they conform comfortably to the natural contours of your neck. Two colors: navy and purple. 12"L x 4-1/2"D.

Eye Pillowicon Eye Pillow
Gaiam's silk eye pillows are filled with flax seed to fit easily over your eyelids and block out any visual stimuli. Great for Shavasana, even better for any time you need a few moments of relaxation. 8"L x 4"W, navy or purple.

Silk Eyebags Silk Eyebags
Wailana's 8"L x 4"W silk eye pillows are filled with hypoallergenic plastic beads and come in four different colors: black, colbalt jacquard, purple or sage green jacquard.

Knee Pillow Knee Pillow
This brick-shaped mini cushion can be used to prop up a knee that needs support while you're in sitting postures. Filled with buckwheat hulls and available in an array of colors.

Nonslip Socksicon Nonslip Socks
It's like having a sticky mat on the soles of your feet! These cushioned, traction-enhanced soles afford nonslip stability and hygienic protection on studio flooring, or studio mats. Made of breathable natural cotton, they're available in white or black and you get two pairs.

Foot Harnessicon Foot Harness
Deepen your stretches and gain greater control in your Yoga poses with these foot harnesses. The comfortable nylon-weave straps fit securely with Velcro®. The included handle-strap attaches quickly to extend reach even further. One pair.

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