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We actually have a whole section of Yoga DVD and video reviews, but we can't get to every last one! So here are some Yoga workouts that have gotten the thumbs up from others that we think you should know about. We've been very particular about choosing only what we felt to be the best Yoga DVDs and videos here, so please use this as your Yoga at home workout guide!

Yoga Workouts For Dummies 2-Pack Yoga Workouts For Dummies 2-PackDVD
Beginning Yoga enthusiasts who are interested in the Yoga poses and the serenity and not so much the spiritual side will really enjoy this 2-disc Yoga Workouts for Dummies set. Taught by the engaging and encouraging Sara Ivanhoe, this DVD set gets your Yoga program off to a great start! Click here to get the Yoga Workouts For Dummies 2-Pack in video format.

Yoga Journal: Step By Step 3-pack Yoga Journal: Step By Step 3-pack DVD
Yoga Journal's Yoga routines are known for being thorough and exacting. This series featuring Natasha Rizopoulos is very supportive in addition to being very detailed. The first disc offers foundation poses, including gentle forward bends and backbends; the second disc features bends and twists; the third disc features inversions and balances poses and shows you how to safely attain the more challenging poses (even if you think they are beyond you!). This 3-disc Yoga set will grow with your practice. Click here to get the Yoga Journal: Step By Step 3-pack in video format.

Complete Yoga Fitness Beginners Complete Yoga Fitness Beginners DVD
Here are 4 workouts on 2 discs from Lilias Folan. Those who are intimidated by youthful, stick-thin Yoga instructors will appreciate Lilias - her Yoga routines are geared for more mature Yoga enthusiasts. But that doesn't mean her Yoga workouts are a breeze, however - they target specific body parts, and one routine is even called "Cardio Challenge"! Lilias has been teaching Yoga for over 30 years and she knows her stuff. Click here to get the Complete Yoga Fitness Beginners in video format.

Total Yoga - The Flow Series, Complete Video Set Total Yoga - The Flow Series, Complete Video Set
Those who have some Yoga experience, and who want Yoga workouts without a lot of frills will appreciate the no nonsense approach offered by Tracy Rich and Ganga White, who run the White Lotus Yoga retreat in California. This 3-video set contains 3 Vinyasa Flow Yoga workouts, Earth, Water, and the challenging Fire. You'll find clear instruction, including Ujjayi breathing, great form and a spare set without a lot of distractions.

Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection Bryan Kest Power Yoga - Complete Collection
Bryan Kest is one of the best Power Yoga instructors on DVD, and this collection contains 161 minutes of Yoga - 3 routines that go from beginner to challenging! Kest's masculine, athletic approach will appeal to men and women equally. You will need to know your Yoga poses before tackling Kest's Yoga routines, but if you are already at that level, you will find this a very powerful Power Yoga workout set.

Baron Baptiste: Journey Into Power Level 1 Baron Baptiste: Journey Into Power Level 1
Baron Baptiste's direct approach gives life to this Vinyasa Yoga workout. This 30-minute routine is appropriate for beginners to Vinyasa Power Yoga workouts. Ready for the next level? Then try Baptiste's Journey Into Power Level 2.

Prenatal Yoga Prenatal Yoga
This 50-minute Prenatal Yoga workout is one of the best on DVD! Taught by Shiva Rea, it features a model for each trimester. The first half hour of the routine uses some blocks and a chair for support, followed up by floor work for 15 minutes and completed with a delicious relaxation. A Yoga workout that can be done during every step of your pregnancy.

Yoga for Surfers I Yoga for Surfers I
Perhaps this isn't such an unusual concept as you might at first imagine - when it comes to combining strength with flexibility and creating mental focus Yoga makes a perfect complement to surfing. The workout is in three segments - the first is a pre-surf flexibility and focus segment, the second section can be done in the water on your board and the post surf segment, called "stretching and rejuvenation" is just that. Thereis also a Yoga for Surfers II - Fluid Power Yoga, for days when the surf is flat, but you still want a good workout.

Yoga Shakti Yoga Shakti
You get 4 whole Yoga routines with this disc - two run a bit over half an hour and two are 90 minutes, which is the length of most studio Yoga classes. So it's got value, along with being a real gem. You will see poses here that you won't find on most other Yoga DVDs, along with breathing exercises - another rarity in Yoga DVDs. And there's a matrix so that you can mix and match poses to create your own workout, and it's done in such a sophisticated manner that it keeps you from putting them in an improper order. One of the most unique and varied Yoga DVDs around!

Fat Free Yoga Fat Free Yoga
If you're looking for a unique and energizing workout that's Yoga-based, try Kundalini Yoga. This is the first of the "Fat Free Yoga" series from Ravi Singh, and it's different from any other form of Yoga - a bit spiritual, but also intense physically, with poses that you won't see in any other types of Yoga. This workout, like all Kundalini routines, includes breathing exercises, including the invigorating "breath of fire." Kundalini Yoga gives you a level of energy that's rare in the world of Yoga DVDs. There are four workouts, each about 17 minutes long. If you enjoy this, you may also like the other Fat Free Yoga DVDs, Fat Free Yoga - Yoga Cleanse and Fat Free Yoga - Total Tune-Up. Click here to get Fat Free Yoga in video format.

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