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To do Yoga you need a good sticky mat. But to really have a Yoga practice, you'll need a variety of items - blocks, straps and other props to help you deepen your postures, bolsters for restorative poses, instructional DVDs to broaden your practice, music and other nice accessories like eye pillows for Shavasana and a bag for that mat. We have all these items featured and lots more!

yoga mats Yoga Mats
Not that long ago, you could only find one kind of Yoga sticky mat. If you were lucky, you'd get a choice of two or three colors. Finding an Ashtanga mat was no easy task, and anything more exotic was nearly impossible. Times have certainly changed! Now you can find Yoga mats in a variety of thicknesses, Yoga mats with patterns and designs, latex free yoga mats - practically any kind of Yoga mat your imagination can dream up. Browse through our Yoga mat picks - there's a little something for everyone.

yoga mat bags Yoga Mat Bags
If you're running off to a Yoga class, a Yoga mat bag or Yoga mat tote is nearly indispensible. (Yoga mats can be awkward if you try to just carry them under your arm!) These days there are almost as many Yoga mat totes are there are Yoga mats - there are loads of fabrics and prints to choose from. Check these out!

yoga props Yoga Props
Iyengar Yoga enthusiasts are famed for their passion for props, but the truth is that nearly every Yoga style can benefit from the use of an occasional prop - a strap to deepen a Forward Bend, blocks to make Yoga postures like Triangle or Downward Facing Dog a little easier to achieve with proper form. There are also props to help you achieve better back bends, bolsters for restorative poses, special chairs for creative Yoga uses and more. Learn how Yoga props can work for you - and find out where to get them!

yoga accessories Yoga Accessories
They're those items that really add to a Yoga session - blankets, eye pillows and the like. You don't really need them for the most part in your Yoga practice, but once you've used them, you'll wonder how you ever went without them.

yoga dvds and videos Yoga DVDs & Videos
We actually have a whole section of Yoga DVD and video reviews, but we can't get to every last one! So here are some Yoga workouts that have gotten the thumbs up from others that we think you should know about. We are very particular about Yoga home workouts so definitely check this section out!

yoga kits Yoga Kits
Do you have a particular focus for your Yoga practice? Are you a beginner? do you regularly do restorative Yoga? Are you an athlete who wants the benefits of Yoga? Is there another aspect of Yoga you'd like to work on? There are kits that contain all the items you need for specialized Yoga sessions.

WaiLana Yoga

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