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Whether you're a beginning Yoga enthusiast in search of a starter kit, or someone whose Yoga practice has specialized needs - Power Yoga, restorative, athletic, etc. - there are Yoga kits to fit your practice. There are even children's Yoga kits. A Yoga kit can be as simple as a Yoga mat, a strap and a Yoga DVD or video, or they can come with all sorts of props and extended workouts. You'll find some of the best Yoga kits below:

Lilias Beginning Yoga Kit Lilias Beginning Yoga Kit
This beginner's Yoga kit features Lilias Folan, whose PBS TV show proved that any age or fitness level could practice Yoga. Included in the kit are sticky mat, a cotton strap and a two-video Yoga Beginners workout series from Lilias.

BodyTrends' Beginner Yoga Solution BodyTrends' Beginner Yoga Solution
Here's everything the beginning Yoga enthusiast needs to get started: a sticky mat, strap, 2 foam Yoga blocks and the 42-minute Yoga For Beginners video. You will be using the tools in this Yoga kit for a long time to come.

Yoga Essentials Kiticon Yoga Essentials™ Kit
This Yoga Essentials Kit from Gaiam is for those who are interested in learning how to incorporate props into their Yoga practice. You get the half-hour instructional video How to Use Props: Active Yoga along with nonslip mat and foam bricks in your choice of four matching colors, and a strap. Plus you get a bonus black mesh bag with drawstring closure!

Power Yoga Mat Kiticon Power Yoga Mat Kit
Designed by famed Yoga instructor Rodney Yee, the 72-inch Yoga mat has guidemarks to make optimal hand and foot placement easy. You also get Yee's signature heavy-duty cotton strap and 10-minute instructional DVD. A full hour-long Power Yoga DVD is also available to add to your purchase.

BodyTrends Weight Loss Yoga Solution BodyTrends Weight Loss Yoga Solution
Learn how to stimulate your metabolism, curb appetite cravings, strengthen your body, and increase flexibility with the tools in this Yoga kit from BodyTrends. You get all the necessary components - mat, strap and 2 blocks - along with the video, Yoga, Weight Loss & Yoga that includes a 48-minute yoga conditioning session with the poses shown in full and modified form so all levels can do the workout.

Sports Conditioning Yoga Kiticon Sports Conditioning Yoga Kit
Many athletes have discovered that Yoga can improve sports performance and help prevent injury. This yoga kit has everything for the athlete or sports enthusiast to improve his or her game - extra long yoga mat, extra large foam brick and extra long yoga strap. You also get the 30-minute Power Yoga for Flexibility video and 60-minute Sports Conditioning DVD. All this for a really great price!

Om Yoga in a Box: Basic Level Om Yoga in a Box: Basic Level
Here's something a little different - Yoga in a box! It's a 2-CD set - instructional with a 70+ minute Yoga class that can be programmed into 4 targeted classes - plus a set of flash cards to help you get to know the poses, a Yoga strap and candle, incense and incense holder to set the mood. More experienced Yoga enthusiasts will want the Om Yoga in a Box: Intermediate Level.

Core Conditioning Yoga Series Core Conditioning Yoga Series
With this Yoga Kit you get the mat, strap, a block and 4 Yoga videos featuring Linda Farrell! Included are a training video, 2 different workout videos and meditation session. In addition you get a meditation CD and wall chart. This is a comprehensive set for those who really want to use Yoga for core conditioning - and who want to unwind besides!

Gaiam Kids Yoga Fitness Kiticon GaiamKids™ Yoga Fitness Kit
Kids can learn how fun a Yoga practice is with this kit. It includes a kid-sized (60-inch) mat, Yoga strap and the 30-minute video Gaiam Yoga Fitness for Kids featuring popular children's yoga instructor Leah Kalish.

Restorative Yoga Seticon Restorative Yoga Set
This Restorative Yoga Kit has everything you need to feel ultimate relaxation: two soft wool-blend blankets, a round bolster, eye pillow and neck pillow, cotton Yoga strap and the 30-minute video, How to Use Props: Restorative Yoga. It even comes with a digital timer/clock to gently bring you back to earth.

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