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If you're running off to a Yoga class, a Yoga mat bag or Yoga mat tote is nearly indispensible. (Just try carrying a Yoga mat under your arm - no fun, is it?) These days there are almost as many Yoga mat totes are there are Yoga mats - there are loads of fabrics and prints and sizes of yoga bags to choose from. Check these out!

Yoni Yoga Mat Bag The Yoni Yoga Mat Bag
The Yoni Yoga Mat Bag is one of the most eco-friendly Yoga Mat Bags out there! It's made from 14 oz. hemp canvas and has an adjustable shoulder strap that's made from a recycled bicycle inner tube and lined with hemp fabric. It's vegan and cruelty-free, and large enough to hold the thicker mats that have become so popular. A small inside zipper pocket can store your valuables, while a large outside zipper pocket can contain a towel or a water bottle.

Batik Mat Bagicon Batik Mat Bag
Each Batik Mat Bag is unique. They're handcrafted by artisans in India with distinctive patterns created using a traditional dye method, so no two patterns are exactly alike. 100% cotton with drawstring closure, wood bead accents, 2"W shoulder strap and interior pocket with Velcro closure.

Lotus White Om Yoga Mat Bags Om Yoga Bag from Lotus White
These cotton Yoga mat bags display the tradtional OM scriptures on your choice of three colors - Tumeric, Brick Red or Olive. They have a drawstring opening, black liner and are roomy enough for both a Yoga mat and a towel.

Cargo Yoga Mat Bagicon Cargo Yoga Mat Bag
This roomy bag has space for your yoga mat and so much more! Add a towel, a change of shirt, put your keys, sunglasses and other small necessities in the outer cargo pocket. This 100% cotton twill yoga mat bag is available in olive or khaki.

Deluxe Hibiscus Tote Deluxe Hibiscus Tote
These colorful Yoga Mat Bags feature a tropical print and are as functional as they are pretty. The full-length zipper makes it easy to pack and unpack your Yoga mat, and the nylon strap is sturdy and convenient.

Deluxe Satin Tote Deluxe Satin Tote
This shimmery satin mat yoga bag is a standout! It features colorful details, a drawstring closure and sturdy nylon strap.

Kahala Yoga Tote Kahala Yoga Tote
This unique, Hawaiian-inspired Yoga tote brings a sunny note to your Yoga practice. It's made of natural fiber and will accomodate most standard-sized mats.

Breathe Yoga Tote Breathe Yoga Tote
This versatile Yoga Tote expands or contracts with the size of the stuff you're carrying! It has a detachable, washable laundry bag so you can stow your sweated-in Power Yoga clothes, and a mesh pocket stores your cell, wallet, keys and other small items. Need easy access? Use the outside velcro pocket. Strap in your Yoga Mat and you're good to go!

Deluxe Yoga Tote Deluxe Yoga Tote
These silky brocade Yoga Mat Bags look great anywhere you happen to go. They feature a drawstring closure and a nylon strap, and come in two different sizes - standard and slightly larger to accomodate thicker Yoga or Pilates mats.

Pilates Yoga Metro Bag With Yogi Mat Pilates Yoga Metro Bag With Yogi Mat
This Metro bag has an urban-inspired look and has three big compartments for all your essentials, both in and out of the Yoga studio. There's also a padded drink bottle pocket, and it's made of extremely durable microfiber. Best of all, the Metro Bag comes with its own Yogi mat, so you're ready to head off to Yoga practice the moment you get it! Of course, you can get the Metro Bag without the mat too!

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