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Not that long ago, you could only find one kind of Yoga sticky mat. If you were lucky, you'd get a choice of two or three colors. Finding an Ashtanga mat was no easy task, and anything more exotic was nearly impossible. Times have certainly changed! Now you can find Yoga mats in a variety of thicknesses, Yoga mats with designs and patterns, latex free yoga mats - practically any kind of Yoga mat your imagination can dream up. Browse through our Yoga mat picks - there's a little something for everyone.

Yoga Essentials Maticon Yoga Essentials™ Mat
Gaiam's popular Yoga Essentials Mat comes in 14 delicious colors! With a cushioned, light-tac nonslip surface, these mats measure 1/8"D x 24"W x 68"L. If you need a longer mat, click here for the 72" Yoga Essentials™ Mat. icon

Premium BeneFit Eco-Friendly Maticon Premium BeneFit Eco-Friendly Mat
This mat is more ecofriendly than most - it's made with patented nontoxic materials that are more sensitive to the environment and your health. The waffle texture and extra thickness are extra friendly to your Yoga practice. 1/4"D x 24"W x 68"L.

Premium Yoga Maticon Premium Yoga Mat
For more vigorous Yoga styles, like Power Yoga or Ashtanga, or anytime your posture or floor surface requires a Yoga mat with extra cushioning, Gaiam's Premium Yoga Mat will come to the rescue. It has the same nonslip surface but is twice as thick as a regular Yoga mat. And check out the eye-catching hues! 1/4"D x 24"W x 68"L.

Quick-Dry High-Performance Maticon Quick-Dry High-Performance Mat
With cushioned moisture-wicking microfiber on one side and sticky-mat texture on the reverse, this is practically two mats in one! Use the microfiber side for high-intensity Yoga workouts (it also feels great for Shavasana). Crimson with gray backing as shown. 18"D x 24"W x 72"L. Comes with a bonus Rodney Yee Yoga pose guide.

Leopard Print Yoga Mat Leopard Print Yoga Mat
These extra-thick, boldly colorful Yoga mats have a leopard motif along their borders in your choice of 3 colors and patterns. 1/4"D x 24"W x 68"L.

Nature Collection Yoga Mat Nature Collection Yoga Mat
Hugger Mugger's sticky Yoga mat has a tie-dyed look and comes in 4 bright hues. They're easily rolled for compact storage and just as easily folded when you need extra cushioning for certain Yoga poses. 1/8"D x 24"W x 68"L.

Vintage Paisley Print Yoga Maticon Vintage Paisley Print Yoga Mat
Gaiam's Yoga Essentials Mat sports a retro feel with a paisley print that refers back to the Summer of Love. Your Yoga mat should be as colorful as you are! 1/8"D x 24"W x 68"L.

Sundial Print Yoga Maticon Sundial Print Yoga Mat
The Yoga Essentials Mat takes on an arty feel with this earthy sundial pattern, which is available in either indigo blue or terra cotta. 1/8"D x 24"W x 68"L.

Cotton Yoga Mat Cotton Yoga Mat
This futon-style yoga mat is extra-comfortable for restorative yoga. Filled with a generous 2" layer of cotton batting, and the natural cotton/linen covers are removable for laundering. Comes with a sturdy harness that holds it in a bolster shape, and also makes it easy to transport. 2"D x 25"W x 72"L.

UltiMat UltiMat
The resilient polyfelt pad beneath the UltiMat's slipcover was specially selected to be dense enough to provide ample cushioning while also providing a firm enough surface for stable footing during standing poses. It can also serve as a prop for poses like Shoulderstand or even substitute for a meditation cushion and zabuton. 3/4"D x 28"W x 72"L.

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