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Some Yoga styles - Iyengar, for example - make extensive use of Yoga props. But even the most basic Hatha Yoga practice can benefit from the use of at least a strap and some blocks. But if you want to explore and add a new dimension to your Yoga practice, there are many Yoga props that can help you deepen your poses, or even learn postures that you never thought you could accomplish! See below to find out what Yoga props can do for you.

Peruvian Yoga Strapicon Peruvian Yoga Strap
A Yoga Strap is a necessity for your practice. It is an invaluable aid in helping your body deepen into postures. This Peruvian Yoga Strap is special - it's handmade of sheep and alpaca wool by Quechuan women weavers and supports a Peruvian women's co-op. Of course, if you're looking for something more standard, Gaiam's Yoga Essentials™ Strap is also available .icon

Yoga Essentials Bricksicon Yoga Essentials™ Bricks
Gaiam's bestselling Yoga Bricks are versatile tools for your yoga practice. They help you improve your alignment and safely deepen stretches. Mix and match them with the Yoga Essentials™ Strap!

Wood Blocks from Wai Lana Wood Blocks from Wai Lana
Some people prefer the classic feel of wood blocks. Wai Lana's wood blocks are made from finely sanded and finished beech, and they're hollow, so they're lighter weight than solid blocks. The rounded edges make sure you are comfortable in supported poses. blocks

Ergonomic Exercise Blocksicon Ergonomic Exercise Blocks
If poses like Downward Facing Dog kill your wrists, here is the answer! These ergonomic blocks are made to be gripped in the center during weight bearing exercises to get a load off your wrist joints. Plus, they improve range of motion, help you hold poses longer - and you have extra room when you're learning those "jump through" poses. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

Yoga Wedge Yogi Wedge
This Yoga wedge will help your sitting poses become a lot more comfortable, and it's got a convenient carrying strap. Comes in organic/natural, brick or black.

Yoga Bolstersicon Yoga Bolsters
There are many everyday Yoga poses that benefit from the firm support only a bolster can give, and in a restorative Yoga practice, bolsters are a necessity. Gaiam's bolsters are filled with cotton batting around a foam core and have removable cotton covers that are machine washable. These Yoga bolsters come in rectangular and round to suit everyone's practice.

Metal Yoga Chairicon Metal Yoga Chair
If you've ever worked with a backless metal Yoga chair in class, you know how useful they can be. Thanks to Gaiam, you can have one for your home practice! The studio-quality folding metal chair is built especially designed to support more advanced poses and seated exercises. It comes in grey or black.

The Yoga Lifticon The Yoga Lift
The Yoga Lift helps you with your headstands so that you can benefit from the improved sleep, vitality and relaxation that inverted poses can bring. Ample padding supports shoulders, the sturdy handles help you balance, and your head is kept a comfortable 3" off the floor. The Yoga Lift can also be used as an off-the-floor meditation cushion, and it folds up for easy transport and storage. Includes an instructional DVD.

Forward Bender Forward Bender
The Forward Bender can help advanced Yoga practitioners deepen their Forward Bends while keeping form intact. Its hand grip is braced to promote equal extension of the right and left sides of your spine. Its foot piece slants so your heels extend slightly beyond the balls of your feet, carrying the stretch of the forward bend into your calf muscles. And it can be used for both one and two-legged Foward Bends.

Backbending Bench Backbending Bench
The expertly crafted Backbending Bench goes a long way in helping you achieve many different poses and stretches. Using the bench stretches and tones your abdominal organs and is said to aid digestion, stimulate kidney circulation, relieve back pain and more!

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