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The Fit Expo 2006
Sunday, February 19 — Competition and Sensible Advice

allmax waferpro - yum but too many calories

12:00 p.m. Although I have become very jaded when it comes to protein and meal replacement bars, I do find one that's irresistible — WaferPRO by Allmax Nutrition. The chocolate peanut butter and white chocolate peanut butter are equally delicious, with real peanut butter flavor and a satisfying crunch. Unfortunately, at 300 calories a bar, they're a little too much for an afternoon snack, so I resist buying a box of them. I also need to learn how to resist grabbing every sample that is waved in my direction. As I pour through my backpack to see what I've acquired so far I find something called a "pro-testosterone amplifier" — something I definitely have no use for.

pro testosterone amplifier - huh

mike and holly semanoff 1:15 p.m. One of the nicest seminars I attend this weekend is held by Mike and Holly Semanoff, who won the "Fittest Couple" competition at last year's Fit Expo. They talk for 45 minutes about how to maintain a fit lifestyle as a couple. Their tips include: no TV, fitness-oriented toys and recreational activities, keeping a positive attitude and keeping the house free of junk food. It also helps if your partner is your best friend, as is clearly the case with the Semanoffs — they have great chemistry. The benefits of being a fit couple are a deepening friendship, better sex — and when working out in the gym, you can team up on supersets without losing the equipment to another exerciser. There won't be any more competitions for the couple in the near future, however, at least not for Holly — she reveals that she is expecting. "Now my diet's going to crap!" she laughingly confesses. That last part is questionable, however — she looks great and no one was any the wiser about her pregnancy until she mentioned it.

(Article continued below.)

guns in action 2:05 p.m. Just for fun, I pop into the "Show Us Your Guns!" competition, in which a group of non-professionals see how many times they can curl 65 pounds in 90 seconds. The winner gets a thousand dollars. I'm there just in time to see one contestant perform his reps bare-chested. While he's showing off his biceps and pecs, however, the guy next to him keeps his shirt on and curls like a maniac. In the end, that guy turns out to be the winner.


fit older couple 2:30 p.m. For the next competition I attend, looks do matter. It's the "Fittest Couple" contest finals. Two of the judges are the Semanoffs. One couple who makes an impressive showing are old enough to be parents of some of the other contestants — the guy is 63 and the woman is 50. (It reminds me of the women yesterday who mentioned that many Ms. Olympia entrants are over 35.) There's really no competition, however — the couple who struts away with the $2,500 first prize are nearly perfect physical specimens and as good as the other entrants are, they can't match the winners.
buff couple  fittest couple winners

del millers 3:00 p.m. I haven't had a chance to see any of Del Miller's 10-minute meal demonstrations, but I wanted to at least see his talk, so I head over to his seminar on sports nutrition. Dr. Millers doesn't care about the highly-touted glycemic index, but is more interested in the overall quality of meals. I get the idea that he would not agree with Ori Hofmeckler's idea of eating a big meal at dinnertime. Like Hofmeckler, however, he believes in whole, unprocessed foods and he's very blunt about why: whole foods keep toxins from sitting around in your body. For optimum health, he explains, you should have as many bowel movements as meals. For that reason, he's not a fan of meal replacement bars — they don't move through your system very fast. He reveals that eighty percent of changing your body comes down to nutrition. Above all, he tells us to avoid refined sugar because it suppresses the body's immune system. Instead, he promotes whole grains like quinoa and millet and leafy veggies like kale, which he refers to as the number one cancer-fighting food.

3:30 p.m. I visit Nito Larioza's Cardio Capoeira workshop, but don't participate. The Afro-Brazilian influenced workout involves practicing a series of acrobatics, including cartwheels. I've never done a cartwheel in my life and don't feel like embarrassing myself now in front of a group of participants, most of whom appear to be school age. (I had enough of kids laughing at me when I was a kid myself!) Instead, I mull over all the nutritional information I've heard over the past couple of days. Yes soy, no soy. Eat a bunch of times a day. Eat one main meal in the evening. Ignore the glycemic index. What to believe? I decide that instead of focusing on the differences, to look at the similarities: everyone I've heard over the weekend emphasizes the importance of whole, unprocessed foods in a balanced diet. Around 10 servings of vegetables and fruits seem to be the consensus. Avoid highly processed foods, especially refined sugar. Use portion control. Eat a lot of foods that contain antioxidants and micronutrients — veggies and fruits like broccoli, kale and blueberries. Eat reasonable amounts of protein, balanced with whole grain carbs. Everyone I've heard may have different approaches to diet (which is really 80% of getting fit), but it seems like the common denominators are the most important: Make sure the majority of what you eat are organic, whole foods — and don't eat too much. Sensible advice from the world of big muscles.

yoga tech with Sandra Augustin

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