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The Fast Food Diet
More Fast Food Tips - Eat Smart, Eat Healthy!

If nothing else, this week-long menu should show you that yes, it is possible to dine at a fast food establishment without getting fat — it all depends on what you choose. And it is your choice. Nearly every fast-food restaurant has healthy choices. If we didn't get to, say, Burger King or Arby's, it's only because there weren't enough days in the week! Here are some more pointers on eating fast food wisely:

(Article continued below.)

  • Educate yourself — look up the nutritional info on the web or ask for a sheet in person (most places have them on hand). Check out the numbers and decide what you're comfortable with (remember that many places list condiments like sauces and cheese elsewhere — they may need to be added in if you're going to top your sandwich with them).
  • Skip those "special sauces" and add a dollop of good, old-fashioned ketchup and/or mustard instead and you'll save loads of calories and fat.
  • Exercise portion control and opt for the smallest size hamburgers — one of the reasons people weigh more now than they used to is because they eat more — in the 1950s, no one ate whopping, jumbo-sized burgers the way they do now. Those seemingly tiny, plain burgers were the norm.
  • We won't deny you the right to have fries every so often (preferably the small size, savoring each fry), but more often you should choose a salad with low-fat or fat-free dressing as your side.
  • Do try to acquire a taste for water — sodas and most other fast-food beverages are a waste of calories.
  • Skip the desserts — a dessert should be a wonderful, occasional indulgence, something you take the time to really enjoy. Fast food choices taste like second thoughts — you should get more quality for your calories.

Be smart when you're standing in front of that menu display and you don't have to ever be afraid of consuming the occasional fast-food meal. And remember, when you hear those famous words, voiced the world over, "Would you like to super-size?" don't hesitate — just say no!

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