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Denise Austin: Power Zone - Mind Body Soul

What is it?
A 40-minute light workout from Denise Austin that combines elements of Yoga, Pilates and easy dance.
Who is it for?
Nice for beginning exercisers who have had some Yoga and Pilates exposure. More experienced exercisers may enjoy it on days they want a light workout. You will need a wall and maybe a sturdy chair for some of the moves - most people will have these handy.
What to expect:
If Denise Austin's easygoing routine is reminiscent of a Method workout, there's a good reason - her choreographer is Lisa Wheeler, who was seen as the instructor in a number of Method videos. Because of Wheeler's association, the quality of Austin's workouts has gotten better, and this mind-body workout is good for days when you want to move... but not a whole lot. The 40 minutes are divided into three segments. The first - Mind - contains a series of Yoga and Yoga-based moves. These are not all easy - included are Warrior III and Dancing Shiva, both challenging balance moves. Next up is the Body segment, which focuses on Standing Pilates. For those who are not aware, this is not an innovation of Austin's, but she goes through the routine quite nicely, keeping it simple and not too difficult. This is the segment where you will need a wall and perhaps a chair. Austin finishes up with Soul, a dancey segment that includes Latin moves. The choreography is not hard - it's really more important to just move with the spirit. Overall, this is a light workout without being wimpy - you get a stretch, a bit of toning and you may even break a little sweat at the end. Prior exposure to Yoga and Pilates is really the only requisite here. For some Austin's chatty persona may take some getting used to. Those who didn't like her in the past may find she comes off better here. It's definitely one of her more pleasant workouts and worthwhile for beginners who are still building strength and stamina - or if you are more experienced, on days when your energy is low but you still want to do something for your body.

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